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Bert van Dam

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BOOK Summary Model for the Meaning of Life All of us long to lead a good life, and a fulfilling one at that. But which ingredients do you need to accomplish this? Isn't it bizarre that even after thousands of years' progress by man, there is still no elementary model, no pure and simple guideline on how to lead a fulfilling and happy life? According to Bert van Dam, this model does exist. The makbuntu-model is a secret which was hidden away in Africa. It revealed itself during a visit to the Serengeti where Van Dam and his family witnessed a huge herd of wildebeest cross the Mara-river. With this spectacle, Mother Nature disclosed various clues which eventually lead to the makbuntu-model. The epiphany Van Dam had been after for 25 years. And it hit him right between the eyes. BAM! The word "makbuntu" is a combination of the Arabic word "maktub' (= it is written in the Universe) and Zulu "Ubuntu' (= to be one with your surroundings). The makbuntu-model is based on three ingredients: creation, love and appreciation. Every person is on this planet (1) to create from the heart - your creation is what you contribute to the world; (2) to give and to receive love, and (3) to appreciate all creations in existence. This circle of giving and receiving is in perfect harmony; on par with the Laws of Nature. When you abide by makbuntu, your life will become worthwhile and fulfilling. Many people lack a day-to-day balance. They live their life doing work that doesn't meet their heart's desire (resulting in alienation and stress), they overly focus on worldly goods (not giving enough love) and or don't appreciate the beautiful things life offers. These people can be found everywhere - reduced to empty shells. Human beings who in time will look back on their life with countless regrets. CREATION - LOVE - APPRECIATION Fortunately, there is another way. "We all have two lives; the second one begins when we realize we only have one." So stop muddling about and settling for a mediocre life. You deserve top-notch, this is why you should embrace makbuntu. It will brighten the world - perhaps that is the true "purpose" of makbuntu. Shining examples can be found all around us... In this book, you will find practical methods that you can deploy right away. As soon as you've finished reading, just set off to make your life the best life possible! The Crossing "A young wildebeest calls out, the first jump into the water." "The first of the herd have safely reached the other side." "The crossing full-steam ahead" Bert van Dam The "How and Why' behind BAM! Makbuntu is meant for people who want to lead the best life possible. Not just mediocre but top-grade. The makbuntu-model is a basic navigator which indicates the path to the best life for you. It will be serve as an excellent tool to transform your life into a work of art. A masterpiece to look back at with pride. AUTHOR About the Author Bert van Dam (1966) was born in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. He is married and father of 2 children (Demi -1997; Luc - 1999). After Business School (graduating "cum laude'), he worked for 17 years with KPN, i.e. as Managing Director Planet Internet. Subsequently, he was employed at Carphone Warehouse (Phone House) holding the positions of Managing Director Netherlands and CEO Retail Europe. In 2014, he turned his life around to dedicate himself to his quest "to help people lead the best life possible". He proceeded to work out the makbuntu-model and this lead to his first book "BAM!" (September 2014). He is co-founder and CEO of MultiplyHappiness BV, a company committed to generating more happiness worldwide. In addition, he is also Chairman of the Board of Directors at 2theloo. Bert van Dam - Summer 2014 PARISBOOKS BAM! Makbuntu | Model for the Meaning of Life Bert van Dam: 'The true Meaning of Life is free of mysticism.' What is the recipe for a life of fulfilment? Discover state-of-the-art philosophy BAM! Makbuntu. Model for the Meaning


Bert van Dam
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