Donald Trump, God's Chosen President

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Donald Trump is the most powerful man of the strongest nation on earth. For a number of years I have been studying American and Jewish history, social studies and politics in the light of the Bible. America was founded by God to be a safe haven for Christianity and to be a protector for the nation of Israel. I was particularly intrigued by the sudden emergence of Donald Trump, He seemed to come from nowhere, knocking over all the republican candidates who fought with him to be nominated for the Presidency by the republican party. Mr Trump ran the most unconventional of political campaigns, but with God's help he performed better than all the experts. I made lot's of astonishing discoveries about this President in the light of the Bible. It turns out that Donald Trump's "sudden" rise had long been timed and intended. In my exploration I was able to discover that Donald Trump is, as it were, immersed in bizarre combinations of Biblical numbers. And now we're approaching the upcoming U.S. presidential election of 2020. From pattern-based research, I can already tell you that it is 100% certain that Donald Trump will be re-elected as president.

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