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Purpose in organizations

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Jozef Van Ballaer

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The author has studied the meaning of 'Purpose' in organizations and what constitutes it. Starting from the most eye-catching actors - the employee, the leader or the organization itself - it covers in depth the different angles. The question is whether this can only be an individual matter valid for the employees, or perhaps that this 'purpose' is dominated by the influence of the leader of the organization. And also, how the organization itself is influenced or influences. That these aspects play a crucial role in organizations is not a gratuitous objection. It has to be taken seriously because there is a lot at stake. Namely the motivation and drive of employees, and at times, of the entire organization. This book recognizes this by sharply confirming the possibility of burn-out if Purpose is missing, or if the Story of the organization is not (anymore) present. The author has not taken it lightly and has extensively surveyed the terrain. This both from current management literature and from his own experience as a consultant and organizational expert. As an extra, this book offers references to practical examples and a useful model of how to diagnose and culture Purpose in organizations. "To put Purpose completely at the heart of an organization's decision-making process, it seems to us the best way to get all the qualities of the people addressed and bring them to the forefront.' - Hendrik Deroo, ClarityUpgrades "When many medium and small businesses grow into a 'real ' organization, I miss in daily practice the analysis made in this book. It should really be dealt with in organizations now. The existential question: "Who am I, who do I want to be within an organization?', and especially through what and via who I get answered, is often insufficiently exposed and worked out. The six Token model therefore provides a good handle for the different actors and circumstances involved in the realization of the aforementioned questions. I can heartily recommend the book to anyone who is in the process of this journey and wonders occasionally: Where do I go, with whom, and what are the peripheral conditionalities to achieve a collectively worn result?"- Erik De Groot, organization coach Jozef Van Ballaer is truly multi-facetted, with Master's diplomas in Philosophy, Human Ecology and Physical Education as foundation, but also postgraduate certificates in Quality Management, Prevention and Business Administration. His professional career started in the nuclear but made him earlyon very successful in implementing cultures within various multinational companies, albeit with the emphasis on Health & Safety. His current focus is on the impact of management improvement on the motivation of teams.
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Jozef Van Ballaer
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