Analysis and Modelling of Physical Transport Phenomena

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Analysis and Modelling of Physical Transport Phenomena
K. Hanjalic, S. Kenjeres, M.J. Tummers and H.J.J. Jonker

These lecture notes contain the material of the course Advanced Physical
Transport Phenomena, offered in the Master's programme in Applied Physics
at Delft University of Technology. The book aims at providing graduate
students with an overview of analytical, numerical and modelling methods
for solving problems of heat and fluid flow, following a unified and
comparative approach.
The material is divided into four parts. Part I overviews the conservation
laws for mass, momentum and energy in differential forms and the relevant
constitutive relations. Part II covers analytical methods for solving
generic problems of heat, mass and momentum transfer, aimed at providing
insight into the physics, as well as to encourage students to master the
analytical tools for gaining a physical intuition by solving problems in
idealized situations. Part III introduces numerical methods for
computer-aided solutions of complex problems that are not tractable by
analytical approaches. It is, in fact, an introduction into computational
fluid dynamics, heat and mass transfer (CFD, CHMT). Part IV deals with
turbulent convection. Basic notions on turbulence relevant to its
modelling are presented, followed by similarity and scaling analysis of
generic wall-bounded flows, the basics of turbulence modelling and an
overview of popular models, their physical rationale, interpretation and
Part I Fundamental Equations | 1 Fundamental Equations of Transport
Phenomena - Field description
Part II Analytical Methods | 2 Analytical Methods | 3 Transport in
Stagnant Media | 4 Momentum Transport | 5 Transport in Flowing Media
Part III Numerical Methods | 6 Numerical Heat and Fluid Flow
Part IV Turbulence and Transport Phenomena | 7 Turbulence: Some Features
and Rationale for Modelling | 8 Turbulent Transport Phenomena :
Qualitative Analysis | 9 Turbulence Models for RANS
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