Criminal finances and organising crime in Europe
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This anthology contains ten papers prepared for the Third Colloquium on Cross-Border Crime, held in Bratislava, Slovakia, at the National Police Academy in October 2001. Petrus van Duyne provides an introduction. Letizia Paoli presents a study on illegal drug markets in Germany, Italy and Russia. Klaus von Lampe analyzes the structure of criminal enterprises involved in the cigarette black market in Germany. Petrus C. van Duyne assesses the threat emanating from illicit profits. Michael Levi examines the effects of anti-money laundering measures on criminal and terrorist finances. Josef Stieranka reviews anti-money laundering strategies in Slovakia. Vladimir Baloun and Miroslav Scheinost provide an overview of financial crime in the Czech Republic. Jan Vittek discusses preventive measures against economic and financial crime in Slovakia. Matjaz Jager explores how economic concepts can enhance the understanding of corruption. Igor Osyka gives an account of corruption and anti-corruption measures in the Ukraine. Jim Newell explores the historical dimensions of political corruption in Italy.

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