Freedom in a Framework

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The two archetypal questions of leadership are 'What' am I going to do? and 'How' will I get it done? The greatest challenge for a leader is not 'What' to do. Most leaders have enough experience and expertise to be able to differentiate their business. More difficult for leaders is the challenge of 'How' to get things done. Many leaders answer this question by defining budgets, reallocating resources, updating structures, and redefining business processes. But this is only part of the How question, the part under their direct control. Few leaders master the art of what I see as their biggest 'How' challenge: "How do I bring my people with me; how do I generate with all of them enough ownership and commitment to live the vision, implement the plans and realise the targets?" In this book 'Freedom in a Framework' Arri shares a perspective that is equally rich and pragmatic, based on more than 25 years experience of supporting leaders across the world in grappling with this question.

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  • : Arri Pauw
  • : Paar Publishing
  • : 9789464062403
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  • : oktober 2020
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