Giftedness in practice

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Many gifted adults were not recognized as being gifted as children simply because knowledge of giftedness did not exist or was unavailable. Many gifted people experience challenges in dealing with others and with themselves. How can they learn to acknowledge and develop their potential in a world that rarely understands them? Giftedness is not always recognized or considered relevant in situations at work or in care. As a result, gifted people often fail to receive the support they need. How can professionals like career counselors, coaches, psychologists, therapists, labor experts, HR advisors, or supervisors help in this regard? In this unique book, coach Rianne van de Ven, gifted herself, provides insights into and building blocks for successfully supporting gifted adults. What role does giftedness play? How can gifted adults change ingrained patterns and develop new essential skills? Valuable tools for professionals and gifted people themselves. Rianne van de Ven is a coach for gifted adults, speaker, trainer, and researcher. She is one of the pioneers in gathering knowledge about adult giftedness and co-author of the Dutch bestseller Hoogbegaafde volwassenen. Zet je gaven intelligent en positief in (Gifted Adults, use your gifts intelligently and positively).

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