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"Purpose+Profit - How Organisations Will Shape the Defining Challenges of Our Time" addresses the critical challenges of the 21st century, such as inequality and global warming, and outlines the strategic role for-profit organisations can play in addressing these collective challenges. "This book describes how the world and our organisations are gravitating towards a purpose+profit paradigm. Building on the idea of shared value creation, this book details the critical ingredients for organisations to thrive in this new era. Highly recommended." - Michael Tushman, Paul Lawrence Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School "Combining the frames of purpose and profit is the way forward for organisations. This book details why this trend is so important and provides the pragmatic frameworks to deliver on the promise. Rens is not to be missed." - Arne Gast, Partner, Leader of Asia Organization Practice and Co-founder of Aberkyn, McKinsey & Company "From day one our passion at Rituals for making people feel good has been our purpose and has driven the success of our company. If you are starting a company or leading one, this book can help you in the right direction." - Raymond Cloosterman, CEO and Founder, Rituals Cosmetics "Operating a successful business that can be used as a vehicle for positive impact has been the mission of Patagonia since the beginning. Rens has set out to help other organisations chart a path to doing the same. Highly recommended." - Ryan Gellert, General Manager EMEA, Patagonia

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