The Simplicity of Lean
  • The Simplicity of Lean
  • The Simplicity of Lean

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Lean organisations seem to work in a simple manner and operate with an innate calmness. They have removed much of the complexity that inhibits the performance of other companies, but achieving this level of simplicity is not easy. In The Simplicity of Lean, Philip Holt provides a comprehensive handbook of the Lean principles, presented in an accessible and easy to apply manner. The Simplicity of Lean is a step-by-step guide to the Lean Thinking that makes your organisation more efficient and effective. The book offers the necessary context of how to apply Lean Thinking to make your Lean Transformation successful. Alongside the theory and the practical application of Lean, Philip also shares his personal insights and experiences, as well as individual success stories (and failures) from various Lean leaders from across the world. The Simplicity of Lean is the perfect guide to make your Lean journey a resounding success. Philip Holt is Senior Vice President, Global Transformation, at GKN Aerospace and a Board Member of the Operational Excellence Society. He studied Engineering at Manchester Metropolitan University and Management at the Wharton School of Pennsylvania and the University of Warwick, was an engineer at Gillette and led the Lean Deployment worldwide at Philips for over twelve years. He achieved Lean Master status and has summarised his 30+ years of experience and insights into Lean Leadership in his previous book Leading with Lean and his most recent book, The Simplicity of Lean. "A powerful and versatile array of management tools, presented in a context that connects with the realities of daily operations, both technical and interpersonal. Philip doesn't just give you the tools, he gives you a framework for introducing these tools to the people who will use and sustain them. The Simplicity of Lean will enable you to overcome the complex challenges that all organizations face in creating a better future for your company, its customers and your community." Collin McLoughlin - Author of True Kaizen, Founder of Enna, an imprint of Productivity Press "The Simplicity of Lean is an ideal companion for the Lean Practitioner. Written in a very personal manner, it addresses the four key elements necessary to put a lean culture in place. Gems of personal insight and reflection will make this a thought provoking read for both experienced and novice Lean Practitioners." Jon Tudor - Managing Director, True North Excellence and former President, Association for Manufacturing Excellence (UK)

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