The TOGAF® Standard 10th Edition -Leader’s Guide

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"This document is a TOGAF Series Guide: The TOGAF Leader's Guide to Establishing and Evolving an EA Capability. It has been developed and approved by The Open Group, and is part of the TOGAF Standard, 10th Edition. Written for the Enterprise Architecture Capability Leader, the person who is tasked to lead the effort to establish or evolve an Enterprise Architecture Capability, the Leader's Guide presents advice on establishing an Enterprise Architecture Capability that aligns to a set of requirements and expectations that are specific to each enterprise. It proposes an approach for the standing-up and enhancement of an enterprise's Enterprise Architecture Capability, based upon established best practices. This approach follows a configured path through the TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM). This document: * Introduces key topics of concern * Defines the terms related to the topic * Shows the terms that are related to an EA Capability * Discusses what the Leader needs to know * Describes what the Leader should do with this knowledge It covers the following topics: * An introduction to the topic, including an assessment of the state of EA, definitions, and key concepts used in the Guide * A narrative that is a companion to the TOGAF ADM, that leads the reader through a series of topics and related steps to assist in stepping back from the current operational context to seek a broader perspective * How to adopt an EA Capability, including the preparation and initiation activities required to establish or enhance the EA Capability * A mapping of how the TOGAF ADM can be used for architecting and establishing an EA Capability"

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