A Basic Guide to International Business Law

Is an accessible introduction to international business law and European law; offers an understanding of potential legal problems in international business; comes with a variety of additional study materials available online. A Basic Guide to International Business Law gives students practical knowledge about and an understanding of legal problems that can arise in international business. It helps develop the skills needed to prevent and tackle these problems. A Basic Guide to International Business Law covers how the EU works, European competition law, the free movement of goods in the EU, international contracts of sale, international carriage of goods, Incoterms and international payments. It includes examples, accessible legal verdicts and exercises. In this new edition, the text, examples, exercises and answers have been adapted in light of the upcoming Brexit. The book has been updated based on feedback from universities of applied sciences. It includes present-day examples and exercises. It is more accessible for anyone wishing to acquaint themselves with the legal aspects of international trade. On the accompanying website, students will find additional practice test questions. A Basic Guide to International Business Law is the ideal introductory textbook for those seeking employment in an internationally-oriented business environment and bachelor’s students in Commercial Economics, International Business and Languages, International Business and Management Studies, and Management, Economics and Law (MER). This book is also available as an e-book via the platform Bookshelf.

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  • : 9789001899783
  • : Engels
  • : Paperback
  • : januari 2019
  • : 424
  • : 242 x 172 x 13 mm.