A Haven for the Damned

2 - 4 Weken

A HAVEN FOR THE DAMNED The Yucca City National Bank has been robbed. A cashier, Matt Bishop, is accidentally shot by one of the guards and taken hostage. The robbers, Fletch and Poole, haven't been out of prison long, and they've got a lot to lose if they're caught. So they lam it into the hills with the wounded clerk, all the way to Lust, New Mexico, a ghost town near the Mexican border. Here they find Josh Carrdell, a solitary prospector and the only one left in Lust besides his mean-as-sin dog, George. But they are soon joined by Susan Bishop, hot on the trail of her husband; big man Harvey J. Duncan and his fiancée, Milly, who have taken a wrong turn in the mountains on the way to their new life together-and Reed, who just wants his wife Milly back. They all converge on Lust one dry, dusty afternoon. The bank robbers want safe passage to Mexico, and they'll kill anyone who gets in their way. Susan wants her husband back, and will barter what she has to get him. Duncan is looking for his lost youth, Reed for his lost wife. And Milly, she doesn't know what she wants, but any new thrill will do. It's going to be a busy night in Lust, in this haven for the damned.

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  • : Harry Whittington
  • : Stark House Press
  • : 9781933586755
  • : Engels
  • : Paperback
  • : 148
  • : juni 2015
  • : 128
  • : 178 x 111 x 9 mm.
  • : Black Gat Books
  • : Misdaad en mysterie: hard-boiled crime, fiction noir