C2C Galaxy

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The famous hologram of the legendary Cradle to Cradle co-founder, his two teenage, daredevil cohorts and a mysterious boy from planet Earth have to risk everything to protect their C2C Galaxy from two evil scientists and their vicious army of the Linearmore Alliance. The graphic novel includes illustrated background information on world-renowned chemist and Cradle to Cradle (C2C) co-founder Michael Braungart, the eco-intelligent and climate-smart C2C design concept at the heart of the global circular economy and how C2C relates to Albert Einstein¿s revolutionary, scientific finding regarding the core role of local symmetry (harmony) in Nature, i.e., the cosmos. PLUS: the sheet music to the novel¿s pop songs C2C GALAXY & C2C CIRCULAR ECONOMY NOTE: This is the version of the graphic novel with coloured interior pages.

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