Cancer Can Be Cured

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Father Romano Zago, a Franciscan Friar and scholar, wrote the book Cancer Can Be Cured to reveal to the world an all-natural Brazilian recipe that contains the juice made from the whole leaf plant of Aloe arborescens and honey that has been shown to rapidly restore the body's health so it heals itself of all types of cancer. The book tells how it was while administering to the poor in the shantytown of Rio Grande dol Sul, Brazil, that he and the provincial father Arno Reckziegel witnessed the healing of simple people of cancer who used this recipe. Later, when he had assignments in Israel and Italy, where this aloe species grows naturally, he continued to see great success in the chronically ill being cured when he recommended they use this recipe. This inspired for him to spend the next twenty years in researching the science behind this aloe species and the publication of that research in this book along with his numerous firsthand anecdotes of cancer healing by those using the Brazilian juice recipe. Chapters include information on how to prepare the recipe using the three ingredients of whole leaf Aloe arborescens juice, honey, and a small amount of distillate (1%); how to take the preparation; questions and answers on everything from how to pick the aloe leaves, why each of the three ingredients is important in the recipe, the types of cancer that have been cured using the recipe, other diseases and health problems the recipe has shown to be beneficial in helping the human body solve; the internationalization of the recipe on five continents; anecdotal stories of some body healings; the composition of Aloe; and Aloe and AIDS. There has been much publicized scientific research and literature on the synergistic benefits of the three hundred phytotherapeutic biochemical and nutrient constituents of Aloe vera to aid the body's defenses to enhance the immune system and protect against diseases. However, this is the first book to reveal the little-known potency.

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  • : Father Romano Zago
  • : Authorhouse
  • : 9781504929097
  • : Engels
  • : Paperback
  • : 262
  • : augustus 2015
  • : 382
  • : 228 x 150 x 20 mm.
  • : Aanvullende therapieën, genezing en gezondheid