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45 (theme) cards, with each a unique flow of questions, to have a true-hearted conversation with yourself
45 cards to meet your Inner Wisdom – be guided by a deep sense of knowing With everything that life demands from us, looking beyond the surface and routinely checking in with ourselves can prove challenging. And yet, our desire to expand our awareness and lead a harmonious life seems greater than ever. There is something inside of us that wants to be addressed, felt and opened… Check-in cards facilitates a true and honest conversation with yourself. Something that most of us have never learned. By creating space and asking yourself the right questions, you will discover how to add new dimensions to your awareness and lead your life guided by a deep sense of knowing. When you check in, your ego checks out Each of these 45 cards addresses your inner wisdom, enabling you to see and respond to situations in a different way. By showing up to what is alive in you, you break free from your automatic ego mind and open yourself up to personal growth and transformation. How to use: Select a relevant card related to any specific situation whereby you feel the need for support, clarity or inspiration. Alternately, you can also bring wisdom and awareness to your daily life when there is no specific issue. Just select one of the eight main check-in cards, or pick a theme that resonates with your current mood. Checking in with yourself just as often as on social media It is our mission to inspire people, so that checking in becomes part of your daily routine. The secret of our destinies, happiness and personal growth lies hidden in our daily alignment. Check-in Cards facilitates this.

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