Circle It, The Beatles Facts, Word Search, Puzzle Book

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This is the word search that reads like a book; the bold words in the text are in the puzzle on the opposite page. All the other word searches are the same, just a boring list of words and a puzzle; if you do boring things, well that makes you a boring person (keep reading below so this doesn't happen to you). This word search is full of interesting facts that will make you smarter. Have you ever noticed how smart people are also better looking (just say'n). Take your good looking self and strike up a conversation about The Beatles and you will soon see that everyone is excited to see you because they know you are so much fun to talk with. Smart, good looking, lots of great friends, all because you like to do "Circle It" word searches; isn't life great!!! Discover all these great facts, and more, inside this book: One of the first instruments that John Lennon learned to play was the Banjo (page, 102). Paul McCartney met George Harrison on a school bus in 1954 (page 110). Ringo Starr, at the age of eight, was illiterate (page 118). George Harrison grew up in a terraced house on a dead end street that had an outdoor toilet (page 128). If you like this "Circle It" word search, then you will also like: Pink Floyd Facts 1960's Rock and Roll Facts Beach Boys Facts Muscle Car Facts Search for "Lowry Global Media" on this booksellers web page, to see all of our great "Circle It" word search books. They also are a great gift. About Us: "Circle It" word search books are published by Lowry Global Media LLC. We are a Ma-and-Pa run company in the great state of Colorado. One day Ma had a great idea (full story below), make a word search book that reads like a regular book, but bold some of the words in the text instead of just making a list of words to search for in the puzzle. Let everyone have fun reading interesting facts, getting smarter, and enjoying the challenge of a word search. Years ago my Dad was in the Mayo Clinic hospital in Rochester Minnesota for an extended stay after a complicated surgery. Ma went to the gift shop to find a word search book to give my Dad something to do (you can only watch so much TV before your brain goes to mush), but all of the word search books they had were just boring lists of words printed on cheap thin crappy paper. Ma said, Pa these books are terrible...I have an idea.... Next thing I know (I'm Pa), I am on the internet trying to figure out how to start a business and become a publisher (this was in late 2011). By April of 2012 I had everything set up and was ready to publish our first book, oh but wait, we had to actually make our first book. We figured that everyone likes cats (wrong, I kinda don't), so we made "Cat Facts", published it, and within a few weeks it was a top 100 best seller on Amazon. Holy cow, we did it!!! People liked reading interesting facts and doing our word searches. Now, many years later, we have published over 200 different "Circle It" word search book titles. "Circle It" word searches are printed in different locations all over the world. If you buy one in the USA, it prints in the USA and goes directly to you. If you buy one in the United Kingdom, it prints in the UK (employing your neighbors) and goes directly to you. The same goes for: Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, South Korea, India, Australia, and Brazil. When you buy our books, you are helping to keep people in your community employed with great jobs. Have a wonderful day.

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