Cloning of America

1 - 2 Weken

When Nazi Germany surrendered in 1945, the world was jubilant-and largely unaware of the technological capabilities that the Nazis had developed. Along with untold wealth and ambitions to create a master race, Nazi scientists had perfected human cloning, dispersing their facilities to remote islands that remained hidden after the end of the war. Many of the inner circle who escaped decided that victory in an open war was not achievable-but that it might be possible to conquer the United States in time and with patience. Over the years, the Nazis work to install their clones in the US government, hoping eventually to get one elected president. But forces are at work to prevent the Nazi clones from taking over the nation. When auto mechanic Jon Donner is shot by clones, he is accidentally injected with a special gel developed by the Nazis that gives him superhuman powers. With these new abilities, he and the Speaker of the House of Representatives conspire through numerous clandestine missions to try to keep the United States safe and free. In this science fiction thriller, as Nazi scientists work to install clones in the US government, one man inadvertently gains superhuman powers and works to stop their nefarious plans.

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