Faith for Finances

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God is not poverty-stricken, and He does not produce poverty-stricken children. The Bible abounds with promises that God will open the windows of heaven, satisfy us, shower down blessing on us, provide for us, replenish us, and prosper us. Yet, despite all these powerful promises, Christians don't always know how to receive His provision.

From the inspirational writings of E. W. Kenyon and Don Gossett, Faith for Finances will help you to understand and receive all that God has for you by daring to stand on His promises for financial blessing and success found in Scripture.

"God absolutely watches over His Word to perform it. There is no doubt about it: what you say is what you get. Speak of your lack of money, of how hard things are going for you, and you will get what you say. I urge you to confess often: 'I have faith for finances for my family! Thank You, Father, for they are riches now.' With your palms open, reach out to your Father and receive from Him." --Don Gossett

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  • : januari 2017
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