Hard Rain

This is the story of a British soldier serving in strife-torn Northern Ireland. A story of a soldier caught between necessary use of force and admiration for the people he had been tasked to put down. Bomber's Lament Watch and wait in the dark Don't be afraid, killers can be killed Like other men, don't be afraid Point the gun and squeeze the trigger Killing is easy, living with it is hard Dreams come, they go, only bad dreams Where are the good dreams? They died when you squeezed the trigger The killers went to hell to burn and die Your hell is here, it will last forever God will forgive, if I ask him now God has gone, leaving this world in disgust He gave us paradise, we have destroyed it Destroyed through greed and religious jealousy The hard rain fell but couldn't cleanse the soul Nothing will cleanse it, for this we must suffer Priests, man, woman, child, terrorist and soldier The unborn have a chance but the hard rain fell Bomber cried for help to God, no help came Cried to his fellow man, they didn't hear him Only the warm arms of a woman gave comfort Soothing an aching heart, wiping away the tears All was not lost for God is still with us Just listen and do what you know is right Hold fast against evil that would control the world Keep a strong heart, don't be afraid of the dark Our arms and hearts are strong, we will go on God, where is he? He is in us to strike down evil And the killers in the dark will be banished But the hard rain fell and Bomber cried. The first book featuring Bomber Brown, The Wolves of the Radfan, tells of his early life as a soldier fighting in the Middle East. Following on from Hard Rain, Bomber finds himself in more trouble in The Darkness. A story of how easy it is to go from good to bad in Northern Ireland and Switzerland.

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  • : 9781528900560
  • : Engels
  • : Paperback
  • : 328
  • : januari 2022
  • : 398
  • : 141 x 234 x 37 mm.
  • : Historische fictie