Heart Wars II

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★★★★★ A deeply personal story told brilliantly! __________________________________________ Benedict and Jeanette discover they have feelings for each other and are both confused about it. Jeanette seeks advice from good old Mrs. Manny, who helps her understand that feelings for Benedict are real. Benedict looks for a sign of approval from God and gets it through his late wife. At the park, they confess their love to each other and start dating. But hard luck falls on Benedict's business, and Jeanette hears the kids accuse her of causing misfortune in the family one day. Would Benedict be able to come to terms with his feelings for Jeanette? Would the kids accept that Jeanette has come to stay in their lives permanently? Would Jeanette be able to cope with the children and Benedict? Enjoy this story of two adults who are trying to understand their feelings for each other.

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