High-Performance Honda Builder's Handbook

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The photos in this edition are black and white. The first edition of Honda Builder's Handbook Vol. 1 has become the Bible of how-to books for high-performance sport compact and Honda enthusiasts alike, having sold over 29,000 copies. This new revised edition brings the reader up to date with the latest tricks and techniques used to get maximum horsepower from Honda engines. This revision covers all the fundamentals of super-tuning a high-performance Honda/Acura engine and give real world examples that prove the theory and show you how it works in practice. This edition contains advice from Honda performance experts, like Oscar Jackson of Jackson Racing and Rob Smith of RPS. It also includes build-up information on a B20/B16 Hybrid, a 12-second turbo-charged GSR Civic, PAC Motorsports stroker motors, and a B20/B16Ai Frankenstein combination, and covers the build-up of an ultra-radical 825-horsepower turbocharged B18CI Honda Civic. Table of contents includes: How to Build Honda Power; Bolt-On Performance Guide; Tuning The Airflow Path; Bottom End Building Tech; Camshaft Choices & Tuning; Tuning Fuel Injection; Ignition Tuning; Hot Street & Strip Combinations; Turbocharged Project CRX. Appendices include: Drag Strip Dyno; How To Find Mean Effective Pressure; Horsepower/Torque Air/Fuel Mass Air Flow; VTEC Explained; Russ Collins Blueprints B16A1 Build; Jackson Racing D16 Blueprint Summary; AEM Engine ID and Spec Chart; Source Guide.

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  • : Cartech Inc
  • : Cartech Inc
  • : 9781613250280
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  • : maart 1997
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