How to Build a Chopper

2 - 4 Weken

It was the late Sixties when Choppers became the bike to ride. With a long fork and a profile that gave a sense of motion even when sitting still, Choppers were the epitome of freedom, rebellion and cool. How to Build a Chopper was written roughly 30 years after those golden days. Which means today's builder has more options than ever before. Yet the basics remain the same, and this book from Wolfgang Publications breaks the important ideas down into chapters: How to Plan the Bike. Picking the frame and fork to get the ideal profile. Understanding rake and trail. Choosing the engine - should it be old-school or not, used or new? Transmission and shifter - four, five or six speeds; jockey shift or foot shift. Installing and aligning the drivetrain. How about sheet metal - part of getting that perfect profile - will it be a traditional Sporty or peanut tank, or something a little more modern. The last decisions the owner needs to make involve the license and insurance. Which is why the book explains the difference between a serial number and a true VIN number and what the letters MSO mean. It's all part of a plan to help the reader build a bike that's not only legal, but also dependable and safe.

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