Jealousy: 7 Steps to Freedom from Jealousy, Insecurities and Codependency

2 - 4 Weken

Jealousy Series Book #1 In this short but enjoyable book, you get to learn the intricacies of the green-eyed monster. You know the one - where you find yourself turning into bile and feeling enraged and confused while feeling stinging bits of your body prickling at you to let it out. Ah, now you know when it happened, that incident flying by in your mind. Yes, you just hit the spot. In this book, we are going to go into detail about jealousy. It so happens to explain the definition of jealousy, the different types of jealousy, and is for all of those who find themselves in the quagmire of disbelief with their partner. Jealousy is not warranted, but can only be a problem when the choice is made. Many relationships have no inkling as to how to handle jealousy. For some, it may lead to disputes that have no end, and even for some may lead to the collapse of homes as well as marriages. Children despair at the hands of this green-eyed monster. Those not trained in the art of handling their emotion with skill and fluidity can burn down something beautiful without even knowing it. The simple seed of doubt that is normally found within most children, or friends, or lovers, creates a crack in the seam of joy and bonding, which can rarely be mended with unwilling parties. In the actual sense, it is not possible to completely cure jealousy, however, it makes sense to come from a place of humility and talk. Communication is essential when it comes to relationships, and a lack thereof can cause dramatic effects to a person, a household and a family at large. When two or more siblings bicker, it can be because of certain traits they have absorbed from their parents. In the case of couples in romantic relationship, judging your partner by where they have come from in the awkward hours of the night instead of supporting them with whatever they are going through and providing a shoulder to lean on may be an adverse change in direction of the boat set for a collision course with a reef. In this book, one is to find the in-depth analysis of; The meaning of jealousy and the varied myths and misconceptions surrounding this emotion. The different types of jealousy and how they affect different forms and kinds of relationships How jealousy affects self-esteem and how both are correlated. How jealousy can be linked to biological and psychological patterns of survival. The real reasons as to why you may feel jealous in a relationship. Studies that were done by fellows of science to prove the difference in jealousy between men and women of different ages. The trigger that sets the ball rolling in the jealousy park. Detailed steps on overcoming jealousy. Stages in dealing with jealousy. Fun ways of resealing the cracks of a relationship on the rocks. Do take your time to enjoy this book as we go deep into the dark, undoubtedly gruesome underbelly of the green-eyed monster, and have some fun while at it!

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