Keeping Faith

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Synopsis: Keeping Faith offers resources to help Christians reclaim the importance of doctrine and thereby know and love well God and God's creation. Although it gives particular attention to the Wesleyan and Methodist tradition, it is of necessity an ecumenical effort. Neither the Wesleyans nor the Methodists invented Christian doctrine. In fact, the Wesleyan tradition contributes little that is distinctive or unique. This is a good thing, for unlike other disciplines where originality and uniqueness matter greatly, Christian doctrine depends on others and not the genius of some individual. Chesterton once said that Christianity is the democracy of the dead. In other words, doctrine depends on the communion of the saints. They help us speak of God as we should. We need to hear their voice. For this reason, this work is an ecumenical commentary on the Confession of Faith and Articles of Religion found in the Wesleyan tradition that also draws on ancient and modern witnesses to God's glory. It is ecumenical because it brings these doctrines into conversation with the broader Christian tradition. Doctrine unites us in a "communion," which is greater than any single denomination and makes us what we otherwise cannot be: one, holy, catholic and apostolic. Endorsements: "This is a quite wonderful adventure into theology led by one of our most talented theologians. Stephen Long has a gift for reframing ancient truth and giving it contemporary clout. The dear old Articles of Religion have rarely been more lively and immediately relevant to contemporary church life than when presented by Steve Long--timeless Christian wisdom rendered direct and demanding!" --William Willimon Bishop, United Methodist Church, North Alabama Conference "Many thanks to Professor Long for his gracious offering to the life of the church. In this book Long demystifies doctrine through commentary on one of the church's most significant documents, encouraging a love for learning our beliefs and a desire for God--in true Wesleyan spirit. The book is an invitation to congregations and individuals to know and love God and neighbor in the fullness in which God intended." --Dr. Laceye Warner Associate Dean for Academic Programs Associate Professor of the Practice of Evangelism and Methodist Studies Duke Divinity School, Durham, North Carolina Author Biography: D. Stephen Long is an ordained United Methodist elder in the Indiana Conference. He is also Professor of Systematic Theology at Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI.

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