Latina Evangelicas

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Description: Latina Evangélicas: A Theological Survey from the Margins is a constructive and postcolonial examination of the theology of Protestant Latinas who reside in the United States. Written by three Latinas who have pastored and who teach in Latina/o communities, the book seeks to expand beyond Latina feminist and mujerista voices to include those whose perspectives have not yet been heard. It thus introduces an important theological perspective to a wider audience, and provides an important resource that has been lacking for evangelicas/os and other marginalized groups who study in various theological programs. Key terminology, such as evangélica, is defined throughout, and a glossary is included for non-Spanish-speaking readers. Each chapter considers theological themes important to the Latina Protestant worshiping community, beginning with a constructive discussion of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit and followed by the doctrines of salvation and Jesus Christ, the Trinity, the church, Scripture, and ""the last things"" (eschatology). Given that one of the characteristics of Latina/o theologies is their dialogical and collaborative nature, the book concludes with a conversation among the three authors about the theological thinking that took place in its composition. Study questions are included at the end of each chapter. Endorsements: ""A groundbreaking book destined to shape Latina theology for years to come. Rooted in praxis and community, the authors are prompted by the transformative power of the subversive Spirit. I highly recommend it."" --Kwok Pui-lan, Professor of Christian Theology and Spirituality, Episcopal Divinity School ""Latina Evangelicas is a powerful and provocative treatise by three Latina theologian-practitioners. Here we have rich and prophetic voices that go beyond Latina feminist, mujerista, or womanist works. The traditional theological themes addressed in this book may seem common to some, but watch out! In the hands of these Latina theologians, these themes--be they the Holy Spirit, salvation, the Trinity, or Scripture--are insightful, constructive, and explosive."" --Eldin Villafane, Professor of Christian Social Ethics, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary ""A welcome and necessary addition to the theological table, and in particular to la mesa latina. This labor of love is a spirited and spirit-filled example of teología en conjunto. These three authors, Latinas evangélicas, rooted in the richness and diversity of their daily places and communities, expand theological vocabulary and offer fresh perspectives on traditional systematic themes by drawing on lived experience latinamente."" --Carmen Nanko-Fernández, Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministry, Catholic Theological Union About the Contributor(s): Loida I. Martell-Otero is Professor of Constructive Theology at Palmer Theological Seminary of Eastern University in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. She coedited Teología en Conjunto with José D. Rodríguez (1997) and has published on topics related to Christology, soteriology, vocation, and spirituality. Zaida Maldonado Pérez is a former Dean of the School of Urban Ministries at Asbury Theological Seminary, Florida-Dunnam Campus, and Professor of Church History and Theology. Her publications include The Subversive Role of Visions in Early Christian Martyrs (2010) and An Introduction to Christian Theology (2002), coauthored with Justo L. González. Elizabeth Conde-Frazier is the Academic Dean of Esperanza College of Eastern University in Philadelphia. Among her contributions are Listening to the Children (2011) and A Many Colored Kingdom (2004).

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