Learn Management Skills for Libraries and Information Agencies (International Edition)

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A Practical Study Guide For New Or Busy Managers In Libraries And Other Information Agencies Learn Management Skills for Libraries and Information Agencies By Dr. Bob Pymn provides a concise, practical workbook to support busy managers. It is intended for those on the front lines, facing the challenge of supervising a busy work environment but aware they need to delve a little deeper into management issues to gain a broader understanding of why some approaches work and some do not. It is a basic introduction to established management principles and practices for library students and for library and information agency staff embarking on their first supervisory roles. The author covers management functions; operational, strategic and event planning; human resource management including team building and managing change; financial and marketing management; security issues; and managing self. Ample use is made of scenarios, often based on real life incidents, to illustrate useful management skills or how to apply management theory to a particular situation. Included are plentiful, clear explanations, examples and practice exercises. Learn Management Skills for Libraries and Information Agencies is one of the study guides in the Learn Library Skills series. Details of each publication are in the back of this book, or visit the publisher website for more information. Dr. Bob Pymm is an adjunct senior lecturer in the School of Information Studies at Charles Sturt University, Australia. He retired from his full time position in 2015 following a career in teaching and working in the LIS field, during which time Bob managed Cataloguing and Collection Development departments in a large national institution. He taught for over 25 years at both college and university level and brings a broad range of practical and academic experience to the teaching of supervisory and management skills in our field.

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