Lonely Planet - Just Point!
Lonely Planet - Just Point!
Lonely Planet - Just Point!
Lonely Planet - Just Point!

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1st Edition
Travel comfort woes begone. Never again be lost for words. Overcome any language barrier, wherever you travel.

With Just Point! in your daypack, you'll be able to communicate all essential messages - and maybe a few non-essential ones, too! This handy-sized deck of 40+ full-colour cards with more than 500 entertaining icons on food and drink, accommodation, transport, fashion and sightseeing, all held together with a screw for easy flicking,is a guaranteed conversation starter!

When you're craving that skinny double-shot cappuccino with extra froth, Lonely Planet provides the answer in a language any barista will understand. Whether it's the yoga, pilates or tai chi class you're looking for, just point to the icon to get your point across.

This is the perfect gift for the discerning traveller. These icons will make communicating with locals a breeze - and won't fail to raise a smile either with their depictions of the amusing situations often encountered when exploring places far from home.

Just point to express:
your dietary restrictions
how you like your steak cooked
how spicy you'd like your curry
what burger toppings you'd like
that you're in a rush to get the bill
that you're looking for the funicular
that there's a fly in your soup
what ice-cream topping you require
your preferred garnishes for the perfect martini
whether you want an espresso, a macchiato or a cappuccino
whether you need a twin or a double room
whether you have a hairdryer in your room
that you've got the dreaded bed bugs in your hotel room
that you're looking for the cathedral
that romantic room-service options are required
which all-important beauty treatment you need
how you'd like your beard trimmed
if your rental car has a flat tyre
which direction to take if you're lost
and more!

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  • : Lonely Planet
  • : Lonely Planet
  • : 9781760340636
  • : Engels
  • : Paperback
  • : 40
  • : maart 2016
  • : 212
  • : 153 x 75 x 31 mm.
  • : Lonely Planet
  • : Reisgidsen: hotel- en vakantie accommodatiegidsen
  • : Taalgids, Wereld, Reizen