Moving with the Moon

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Yoga was created by men for men. Well, not anymore! In this groundbreaking book, expert women's health yoga teacher and teacher trainer, Ana Davis, offers a uniquely feminine approach to yoga to support women through their monthly cycles and into menopause. This comprehensive 'health bible' for women will help you fall in love with your monthly and life cycles. Moving with the Moon showcases a huge repertoire of yoga postures, sequences and tips on therapeutic modifications and prop use, all overlaid with a passionately nurturing and self-sustaining approach to yoga and self-care. By learning to 'move with your moon' you'll discover a deeper understanding of your cycling body, helping to balance your hormones and your life, and empowering you with dedicated practices to boost your health, energy and wellbeing as a woman.

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  • : Ana Davis
  • : Ananda Davis
  • : 9781925764499
  • : Engels
  • : Paperback
  • : 492
  • : oktober 2018
  • : 844
  • : 170 x 243 x 33 mm.
  • : Yoga voor lichaamsbeweging