My Bliss Book

2 - 4 Weken

My Bliss Book: An Inspirational Journal for Daily Dream Building and Extraordinary Living is a daily empowerment journal to help you create more magic, joy, and passion in your life while achieving your wildest dreams! During this inspiring 12-week journey, you commit to daily practices that will magically transform your life as you apply pure intention, strategic focus, and inspired action. By setting goals, expressing gratitude, honoring your progress, celebrating your victories, and taking care of yourself, you will build the foundation for creating a truly extraordinary life. My hope is that this book helps you attract the most delightful, passionate, and fulfilling life beyond your wildest dreams. If you're ready to make your life more magical than ever before: to have more fun, feel more fulfilled, create more art, and possibly to even leave a legacy, let's have an adventure!

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