NASA Apollo Spacecraft Command and Service Module News Reference

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Originally created in 1968 by prime contractor North American Rockwell for NASA, the Apollo Spacecraft News Reference (CSM) was intended to educate members of the media, government, and private sector contractors about one of history's most ambitious undertakings. Within its pages you'll find general information about the Apollo Program, and detailed examinations of component Modules, Subsystems and Support, with special focus on the Command Module. ( A companion volume focusing on the LEM is also available.) Chapters include: Introduction, Saturn Launch Vehicles, Mission Description, The Moon and the History of Space Flight, Apollo Flight Tests, Command Module Overview, Service Module Overview, Lunar Module and SLA (Spacecraft-LM Adapter) Overview, Crew Accomodations, Displays and Controls, Docking Subsystem, Earth Landing Subsystem, Electrical Power Subsystem, Environmental Control Subsystem, Launch Escape Subsystem, Reaction Control Subsystem, Service Propulsion Subsystem, Telecommunications Subsystem, Stabilization and Control, Guidance and Navigation, Spacesuits, Final Testing, Safety, Reliability and Training, Apollo Manufacturing, Apollo Subcontractors, CSM Contract, Biographies, Apollo Chronology, Apollo Facts, Glossary, Abbreviations, Index. Although it may be one of the most complete studies of the systems and technology that made the ""giant leap"" possible, it's never been easy to find copies of this text because copies were never widely released -- until now. This reprint is of an edition featuring a mission similar to Apollo 12, and features all the original text, diagrams and photos. It's a wonderful reference for the space flight fan, docent or engineering buff or for anyone else who ever wondered, ""How'd they do that!""

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  • : Nasa
  • : Periscope Film LLC
  • : 9781940453552
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  • : Hardcover
  • : 384
  • : september 2011
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  • : Ruimte- en luchtvaarttechnologie; Ruimtevaart