Native Plants, Roots, Herbs, and Mineral

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Native Plants, Roots, Herbs, and Mineral by Chief Luis Tijerina Luis Tijerina, a healer, believes that for every human disease, God has provided a cure that could be found in the nature around us. In fact, forty percent of the pharmaciological products are extracted from plants. Unfortunately, these medicines produced by the rich pharmaciological firms come at an outrageous price that some of the patients are forced to choose between curing their sickness or buying food and other essential items. If they do chose to stop the cure, the bacteria and viruses causing their disease may have mutated that they needed stronger medicines to counter the effects. As a healer and bearer of knowledge of alternative medicine handed down from generation after generation, Tijerina shares this know-how to encourage people to turn to the cheaper cure they could get from plants, roots, herbs, and mineral that not only could save them money but also their lives. He also presents real-life stories of some patients who responded well with the treatment, including his own, as proof of its effectiveness. Be guided by him as he discusses each characteristics of plants, roots, herbs, and mineral, including the sickness each could cure, the proper dosage and other benefits, and the procedures involved in the preparation of each medicine. About the Author Luis Tijerina is a native of Odessa, Texas. He started working in the field of computer technology right after graduating from high school. He opened an IT services business a few years later before he decided to work as a communications manager for an oil well services company. He married at the age of twenty-five and raised two children. He became the chief of the tribe in Trans-Pecos Region of Texas in 2005 and still acts as one to this day.

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