Nine Yanks and a Jerk

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SPECIAL TRIBUTE. WORLD WAR II 75TH ANNIVERSARY COMMEMORATIVE EDITION. Foreword written by Eric Shawn, Fox News Anchor and Senior Correspondent. Newly added photos, graphics, and a SPECIAL TRIBUTE to one of the plane's last surviving crew members and WWII veterans included.. 'Can an airplane embody the American spirit of freedom? The lumbering B-24, "Nine Yanks and A Jerk," certainly symbolizes the resilience and optimism of our nation during a dark time. It was shot at and kept flying. It was hit and kept flying. And then on April 12th, 1944, it suffered a final, fatal blow. But the ideals of democracy and freedom that sent it into the air still resonate to this day." from Eric Shawn War...U.S. airmen...a famous motion picture iconic American airplane...aerial combat...flak...a direct hit...critical emergency landing...shot down...escape and evasion...a famous news correspondent's father... What do these things all have in common? A legendary plane called Nine Yanks and a Jerk. The day before their mission, 13 out of the 25 planes sent out by the 445th Bomb Group did not return from combat to their base at Tibenham, England. That was 130 men, ten men per bomber, who did not return to their home base. They were either wounded, killed, taken prisoner, or had to evade capture. Many of them never returned home from the war. It meant that dozens of men would never live to marry, have families, or see their loved ones again. It was one of the worst losses in U.S. 8th Air Force history by a heavy bomber group up to that point. The chances of survival of a 30-mission tour of duty for a ten-man bomber crew were less than twenty-five percent. This is the story of one of the crews under Jimmy Stewart's command, the Williams crew, and one of their most dangerous missions when they flew deeper into a heavily-defended Germany than any previous mission. Flying in the lead plane in their formation was none other than Major James "Jimmy" M. Stewart, the famous movie actor-turned-bomber pilot, their squadron commander. This is the detailed account of that mission and the incredible story of one of their squadron's most uniquely named planes and other brave crews who flew it in WWII. Continues 70 years later with a veteran's son retracing his father's footsteps and flight paths in tribute across Europe and the U.S. as he honors and pays his respects to the airmen, as well as getting the full story from the families involved. "A tale of two adventures, one high over Nazi Germany in WWII and the other moving across continents and countries as a loving son traces his father's footsteps..." U.S. Air Force veteran, Bill, Ohio Contains over 200 photos and illustrations (over 130 in color).Read more at WWW.SONOFAGUNNERB24.COM

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  • : Scott Culver
  • : Scott Culver
  • : 9781495184635
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  • : februari 2020
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  • : 219 x 280 x 15 mm.
  • : Tweede Wereldoorlog; Wereldoorlog II (ca. 1939 - ca. 1945)