Once Upon A Broken Wing
Once Upon A Broken Wing
Once Upon A Broken Wing
Once Upon A Broken Wing

When is being yourself good enough for the world around you? When and how should you let go of learned beliefs and conditioning when they no longer fit?
The story of Anna Jones takes you from her childhood to the adult woman she is today. Through years of adapting, camouflaging, and imitating to navigate her way from a young girl to eventually a (single) woman, mother, lover, and employee, trying to hold her ground as effectively and successfully as possible in an overwhelming society, she repeatedly experiences health issues. Burn-outs and depressions follow one another rapidly. She starts having epileptic seizures, but is the diagnosis of epilepsy accurate? Once Upon A Broken Wing is a relatable and well-written book that touches on a wide range of topics (relationships, motherhood, trauma, EMDR, and a late autism diagnosis) and the diversity of experiences in the healthcare system.

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  • : 9789464688016
  • : Engels
  • : Paperback
  • : 238
  • : juni 2023
  • : 450
  • : 215 x 140 x 27 mm.