Our 24 Family Ways: A Family Devotional Guide

2 - 4 Weken

The Kids Color-In Book is the perfect companion to the Our 24 Family Ways: Family Devotional Guide for the younger Way-makers in your home. It includes 25 line art illustrations for coloring, practice pages for the Ways, even a "My Family Ways" section so your child can create and record their own ways. If you're using Our 24 Family Ways in your family, make sure each child has their own Kids Color-In Book to color, study, and enjoy. ¿Solomon got it right 3,000 years ago: "The writing of many books is endless." Our four children are all grown now and following Christ, and yet I'm still writing about Christian parenting. Perhaps it's because the need never ends for new insight into God's principles of parenting and for new stories to shape children's hearts. In 1994, my wife Sally (also an author) and I started Whole Heart Ministries, a nonprofit Christian ministry to help parents raise wholehearted children for Christ. After a quarter century of books, conferences, and online ministries, we're still writing books for parents and families (and all of our children are now writers and authors, too). Four influences shape my writing life: my seminary training, my INTJ type, my love of words, and my observations from so many years of parenting. I like to think of myself as an expository biblical writer, but also as a conceptual creative writer. I'm perpetually caught in the "so many projects, so little time" endless loop as an author, writer, songwriter, book designer, and wannabe children's illustrated storybook creator. The writing of many books is not really endless, but the end is not yet in sight. Learn more about my ministry and books on WholeHeart.org and PiecesofClay.com.

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