Prophesy and Heal the Sick

2 - 4 Weken

You Can Grow in Prophecy, Words of Knowledge, Healing, Power Evangelism and More! This book gives you the biblical foundation and practical steps to grow in these vital ministries. Subjects covered include: Raising up a New Generation of Prophets, The Three Prerequisites of Prophetic Ministry, How to Hear God's Voice, How to Prophesy, Prophetic Activations, Prophetic Guidelines, Creating the Future, How to Grow in Words of Knowledge, How to Make God's Love Tangible, How to Heal the Sick and How to Grow in Power Evangelism. Matthew Helland (M. Div., Oral Roberts University) has served for over a decade as a minister in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He serves with his wife and four children. They have planted a church in Amsterdam and are now focusing on reaching out to prostitutes in that city's famous Red Light District. He often travels to different nations to train individuals and churches in how to grow in prophecy and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. For more information go to

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