Read the Bible for a Change

2 - 4 Weken

Which Bible passages are for us today and which only apply to the first audience ancient readers? Can we just pick and choose for ourselves the verses we think fit our situation? Who gets to decide? In READ THE BIBLE FOR A CHANGE, Ray Lubeck helps readers correctly understand and relate the Bible to their lives. If you are serious about your relationship with God and committed to responding faithfully to His Word, this book is for you. Ray has devoted his life to helping people discover for themselves God's truth and see how it relates to their everyday, practical living. He will show you how to: - Read each passage in its larger biblical context - Understand the effects of its literary style - Recognize the meaning of a text - Hear God speak through the Bible's human authors - Identify the life-changing truths that apply to life today - Bring pleasure to God by obeying His Word As a college-level teacher, Ray realizes what it takes to hold the interest of students of the Bible. He uses illustrations, charts, stories, and everyday examples to make learning both fun and significant. Read the Bible for a Change will help you avoid the pitfalls and discover the truths that transform you life.

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