Release Chronic Stress by Healing Your Inner Child

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Release Chronic Stress By Healing Your Inner Child is an edited collection of my blog articles about the inner child as a key to structural reduction of chronic stress. I explain how our psychosocial development can lead up to a certain level of stress in our personality, in the form of fear and insecurity, of shock and shame. This personal basic stress (PBS) becomes the fuel for building an ego structure with which we seek to control our early fear and insecurity. Too high a level of this personal basic stress can lead to years of struggling and enduring health problems that yields less and less benefits over time. When the level of our personal basic stress becomes too high, working with our inner child is a very effective way to identify old layers of stress inside. The biggest contributors to our distress are prenatal stress and stress from growing up. By getting these layers to relax, we heal ourselves structurally. We’re not just tackling symptoms.

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