Save Our Selves and Protect Planet Earth

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For half a century, the Earth has given man dominion over his own reproduction and the reproduction of all animals and plants on Earth. We are therefore indebted to repair the damage we cause. Meat and eggs for consumption are now exclusively produced by artificial insemination and with breeding and incubators.  Coronavirus, African swine fever, annual Influenza viruses are the result of diseases in animals that can also pass to humans. More than 300 million farm animals in the EU spend their entire lives in a cage for slaughter and consumption. Pigs, weaning pigs, rabbits, dairy cowes, calves, milk goats, lambs, laying hens, broiler chickens for the meat and eggs, and minks for their fur. The Covid-19-20-21... pandemic resulting in the global blockade shows how vulnerable the world is. We fight with windmills against the meat industry, COVID and global warming!!!

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