So You Bought a Golf Cart?

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More than fifteen thousand golf cart injuries send people to the emergency room each year-more than half of them involving children under the age of sixteen. Michael K. Rosenbarker, who sells and rents golf carts for a living, walks you through step-by-step how to stay safe in your golf cart, but that's just one topic he explores. He also helps you: maintain electric- and gasoline-powered golf carts; properly wash and clean your golf cart; decide on the right seating options and accessories; discover industry secrets of making your golf cart batteries last. If you've only recently bought a golf cart-or even if you've had one for years but still have questions about operating and maintaining it-then this book is for you. With real-life examples, diagrams, and pictures, it will help you avoid costly repairs or worse. Get the insights and tips that will leave you feeling safe and confident as you enjoy your golf cart more than ever.

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