Social LEADia

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How will your students answer when an interviewer asks, "What social media networks are you on, and what will I learn about you if I go there?" Equipping students for their future begins by helping them become digital leaders now. In our networked society, students need to learn how to leverage social media to connect to people, passions, and opportunities to grow and make a difference. When people think of kids and their devices, it is often with dismay. But technology is here to stay, which means we must educate, empower, and inspire our students to use social media to … learn and share learning address societal inequality share their voices be a more positive influence in others' lives Social LEADia addresses the need to shift our conversations at school and at home from digital citizenship to digital leadership. Inside, you'll read about some amazing kids who are leveraging social media in positive and powerful ways. They are passionate and empathetic leaders online and offline, and they model the reality that students don't need to wait for tomorrow to lead-they can be world-changers today. ----- "Casa-Todd does a masterful job addressing the 'Yeah, buts ... ,' while moving the social media conversation from compliance to leadership. Social LEADia is a brilliant read and a needed tool for your educator toolkit." -Thomas C. Murray, director of innovation, Future Ready Schools "Casa-Todd helps us to make the leap from digital citizenship to digital leadership and provides plenty of concrete ideas and tips that we can bring into the classroom in order to help students become engaged and inspiring leaders who will drive change in both the face to face and digital worlds." -Dr. Alec Couros, professor of educational technology and media faculty of education, University of Regina "Social LEADia brings inspiration and a call to action to educators teaching today in the digital age…. this is a must-read book for every educator ready to make our world a better place through the sharing of stories and perspectives from our connected classrooms. Bravo!" -Dr. Jennifer Williams, professor, global program developer, and connected educator

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