Spiritual Food For A Searching Soul

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This book is about our faith that is a blessing for our personal, spiritual and human growth. Those who are humble and open to receive this blessing in their hearts are able to face the multiple challenges of life without being discouraged, distressed or felt abandoned. It is an act of humility that we all need to make in this world of confusion and pride in order to experience the true peace that the Lord came to bring to us. This book is destined to encourage anyone who is concerned with the reality of the Last Day and is willing to deepen his/her faith to stay awake and be prepared for the Lord with the help of the teachings of the faith. It does not matter if that person is an intellectual, teacher, farmer, housewife etc. The book offers a presentation of our own identity as children of God. In everyone of us, there is this spiritual dimension where God communicates with us and which allows us to be called man/woman. It is an aberration that some people call themselves atheists as if they don't believe in God. The irony is that God believes in them and He allows them to be alive and to represent Him on Earth for a particular mission. Confused with the many material things to which they are exposed, those people make the choice not to believe in God. Such a decision is a denial of their own existence because a man or a woman can exist only in relationship with God their Creator. No human being on earth can give life to himself. So, this book is a reaffirmation of our faith expressed in a very simple manner without any complication. This book is also a reminder for us to love our Church and to defend it even though there are many things that are causing us disenchantment. We should not be discouraged rather be happy to know the path that leads to peace and salvation. The Church was started with the betrayal of Judas which has caused the cross of Jesus. This kind of distraction will continue to be present in our world, in our communities and even in the behavior of our leaders however if God is with us who can be against us? Jesus has given us the road we shall follow if we want to be with God our Father. My book is written in harmony with the teachings of the Catholic faith. It goes to the heart of the human person, inviting him/her to maintain the faith in order to understand better his/her role in a world of violence and secularism. We have become violent not only to others but also to ourselves in choosing beliefs and attitudes that do not help us to become obedient, humble and happy people. Many men and women come into the Church but they have an erroneous interpretation of the faith and of the hierarchy. They are not happy about this or about that. They think that they can pick and choose whatever they want. But, it is important to understand that the Church is not and has never been a democracy. The Church is a hierarchy which finds its foundation in the authority the Lord Jesus receives from the Father and through which He said to Peter: "You are Peter and on this rock I will build my Church. And the gates of the underworld can never hold out against it".

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  • : 9781468505993
  • : Engels
  • : Hardcover
  • : 256
  • : december 2011
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  • : 187 x 236 x 27 mm.
  • : Persoonlijke religieuze getuigenissen en inspirerende werken