Star Route 1

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Star Route 1 is the fifth Center Pivot publication the Last Chance Press of M12 Studio. Co-publishers: M12 Collective and the Last Chance Press. Through interdisciplinary approaches, this series explores and connects the changing realities of rural landscapes and communities around the world. Like the network of post offices presented herein, Star Route 1 is itself a precise arrangement of distances. Alongside pin-board messages, crop prices, reconfigured addresses, and a horse named Montana Blizzard, Welcome and Bachman's meditation on the space of the post reads as an incomplete archive of particular histories -- histories tethered to the zip codes of Northeastern Colorado. Combining photographs of individual post offices and wide-ranging textual reflections, Star Route 1 begins to map an analogous space through the deep time of postal geography. Like the postal system it describes, it is a poetic reflection on the meeting of systems and subjectivities. If we can learn so much from this space of encounter, from this specific constellation of small town post offices, then, where can't we? Jesse Vogler - Geographer, artist, and author of Correct and Perfect, winner of the US Postal Service award for scholarship on postal history

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