The Art of Rigging (Dover Maritime)

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Once upon a time, a mastery of the art of rigging was required for anyone working onboard a ship. Although this is no longer the case for sailors on today's steel-hulled, gas-powered behemoth's, the intricate rope work that once made sailing possible is a fascinating and important part of nautical history. And for those who enjoy building model ships, learning to create authentic rigging-albeit in miniature-is a matter of practical importance. Captain George Biddlecombe's The Art of Rigging is widely considered to be the best and most thorough manual ever produced on the subject of rigging sailing ships. Initially published in 1848, it has been the go-to rigging reference for more than a century. Captain Biddlecombe covers everything from important terms and phrases to the progressive method of rigging ships, as well as methods for rigging brigs, yachts, and small vessels. An important book for serious model-builders, naval historians, and landlocked sailing buffs who dream of the sea, The Art of Rigging is a one-of-a-kind reference and a joy to read.

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