The Arts of the Sailor

2 - 4 Weken

Few writers, or perhaps even sailors, can rival Harvey Garrett Smith when it comes to thoroughly understanding and articulating the many traditional arts of maritime culture. Originally published in 1953, this slim but comprehensive volume is the perfect shipboard reference for today's yachters and boaters as well as any landlocked souls who dream of the sea. In this one of a kind treatise on maritime skills and practices, Smith offers a master class on how to rig, work, and maintain a ship. With over 100 illustrations accompanying Smith's salt-soaked prose, you'll have no trouble grasping the ins and outs of handling a ship, the various sailor's tools, a wide range of knots and hitches, as well as the art of splicing, hand sewing, and canvas work. Further subjects include proper coiling, stowing, and belaying techniques, proper towing procedure, net making, and decorative knot-tying. With The Arts of the Sailor in your quarters, you'll be able to handle anything the high seas can throw your way!

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