The Belly Fat Diet Cookbook

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Trim away your belly fat with a healthy and delicious diet. Achieving a flat stomach is not about doing hundreds of crunches or worrying about how much you eat; it's about what you eat. The Belly Fat Diet Cookbook provides delicious recipes and teaches you how to eat more, weigh less, and achieve a flat belly. * Enjoy your favorite healthful dishes from breakfast to dessert, including Green Smoothies, Chicken Stir Fry, Baked Kale and Sweet Potato Chips, Almond Encrusted Salmon, and Berry Parfait. * Learn the dangers of excess belly fat from its harmful impacts on your liver, to increasing your risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and a stroke. * The Belly Fat Diet Cookbook offers 105 healthy recipes, tips for a successful transition to the belly fat diet, and the Belly Fat Diet Shopping Guide to help you minimize your intake of sugar and processed carbohydrates. Lose weight and lose your belly with The Belly Fat Diet Cookbook--a sustainable path to a longer, healthier, and leaner life. In his latest work, bestselling author John Chatham blasts the myths surrounding belly fat. The groundbreaking research in The Belly Fat Diet Cookbook reveals a science-based approach to healthy eating and looking good, and it doesn't involve starving yourself. The Belly Fat Diet Cookbook: 105 Delicious Recipes to Lose Your Belly, Shed Excess Weight and Improve Health provides an easy-to-follow health solution that gets fast, visible, long-lasting results from the inside out.

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  • : John Chatham
  • : Rockridge Press
  • : 9781623150747
  • : Engels
  • : Paperback
  • : 146
  • : januari 2013
  • : 238
  • : 226 x 160 x 9 mm.
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