Carson, R: Book of Change

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The Book of Change® is called a "game changer" and a "masterpiece" by reviewers who know change management. It is written for business and government executives, change management consultants, and university scholars and students. It provides state-of-the-art change management solutions for those who need to address change in the workplace. The book is designed to be a step-by-step instruction guide that the change management agent can use to manage organizational change. These could be internal or external impacts to the organization's health or profitability. When pandemics, mergers, restructuring, bankruptcies, layoffs or major software implementations hit the workplace both managers and their employees are naturally fearful of the looming changes. Organizational change management (OCM) is meant for the people who manage the organization and the people who make it function day-to-day. Today, the change we face is as existential as it is exponential. People want to understand how to deal with the external changes like the Twin Towers attack on 9/11, the Great Recession, the European Brexit, the Presidency of Donald Trump, COVID-19, and now Artificial Intelligence (AI). They also need to deal with immediate internal organizational changes like mergers or restructuring. The Book of Change® provides them with answers and a road map to address their specific change management needs. The book is an instruction guide that an organization or change management agent can use to manage organizational change.

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