The embroidered shawl

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'The texture of the dark folded around itself and Adelheidstraat number 191 stood to attention in it's avenue under the stars. Emma was alone in the house with all it's familiar sounds but for this one. Cocooned in blankets deliberately not listening to it, she heard the gentle sound of footsteps coming up the stairs, footsteps she recognised'. Anna wonders why her mother is the way she is, so different from herself and her experience of life. She delves back into her mother's past to unravel the tangle of memories and shadows. In doing so she uncovers restless ghosts and quiet heroism,unspoken fear and love. The repercussions of the events in World War Two, famine and bombardment of Bezuidenhout in March 1945, resonate in her own life ultimately changing it's course. The Embroidered shawl is woven from memory passed down through four generations of women, each with their own strengths and flaws.

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