The Ladybird Book of The New You

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Jason Hazeley & Joel Morris are the award-winning authors of the bestselling Ladybird Books For Grown-Ups series. They write for Charlie Brooker's BAFTA award-winning Wipe shows, and co-wrote Cunk on Shakespeare, Cunk on Christmas and Cunk on Britain. They have also written for the award-winning Murder in Successville, the award-winning Miranda, the award-winning Mitchell & Webb, the award-winning Armstrong & Miller and a long list of shows and people both award-winning and so-far-award-avoiding. They created and wrote the critically lauded but as yet un-awarded ¿gstr¿m for BBC Radio 4, and helped write both the award-winning Paddington movies. They are co-creators of spoof local newspaper The Framley Examiner (awards pending) and the bestselling but still-waiting-to-be-award-winning offbeat travel guides Bollocks to Alton Towers and Far from the Sodding Crowd. They present the podcast Rule of Three ( Guardian Guide Best 50 Podcasts 2018 - is that an award?) and divide their time between their office, where they keep their awards, and an award-winning pub.

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  • : Joel Morris, Jason Hazeley
  • : Penguin Books LTD
  • : 9780718188856
  • : Engels
  • : Hardcover
  • : 56
  • : oktober 2017
  • : 126
  • : 175 x 130 x 9 mm.
  • : Ladybirds for Grown-Ups
  • : Adviezen voor ouders: kinderverzorging en opvoeding; Assertiviteit, motivatie, zelfvertrouwen en positieve geesteshouding; Cadeauboeken; Familie en relaties: advies en kwesties; Grappen en raadsels; Parodieën: non-fictie; Puzzels en quizzen