The Lark

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"Everything that's happening to us-yes, everything-is to be regarded as a lark. See? This is my last word. This. Is. Going. To. Be. A. Lark." It's 1919, and Jane Quested and her cousin Lucilla are pulled suddenly from school by their guardian, who sets them up in a cottage on the fringes of London and informs them (by letter, since he's already fled) that he's gambled away their inheritance but is leaving them the house and £500 to carry on with. Lucilla is disheartened, but Jane is certain it will be a lark. With the help of a handsome man, a classic example of a "capable woman", and a war veteran with a green thumb, the two unflappable young women set up a market garden, which develops into a guest house, which develops into-well, you'll have to read and see. It's true they have some difficulties as businesswomen, not to mention with housekeeping, but this is ultimately a tale fully living up to its title. Forgotten for decades, despite Nesbit's fame as a children's author, her final novel for adults, first published in 1922, is a delight that's ripe for rediscovery. This new edition includes an introduction by Charlotte Moore. "An economy of phrase, and an unparalleled talent for evoking hot summer days in the English countryside."--Noel Coward

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  • : Edith Nesbit
  • : Dean Street Press
  • : 9781911579458
  • : Engels
  • : Paperback
  • : 268
  • : maart 2017
  • : 288
  • : 164 x 207 x 20 mm.
  • : Penguin Women Writers
  • : Historische fictie