The Leadership Manifesto

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Having a supportive mentor as one moves up the company hierarchy can make a career-changing difference-between becoming a good leader or a great one. Without a guide or the knowledge of how to truly encourage talent, aspiring leaders and seasoned executives alike can flounder. After thirty years of professional success, Bill Hicks has lived the life of corporate leadership. In The Leadership Manifesto, Hicks consolidates the priceless lessons he has learned into eight essential disciplines that define a great leader. Using a fictional mentee, Hicks breaks down each discipline and illustrates how to apply them to real-life situations, including how to create a personal brand, build indomitable confidence, motivate teams, and more. Whether you're a mentee in search of guidance or a budding mentor looking to jumpstart the next generation of business luminaries, The Leadership Manifesto has the indispensable tools you need to rocket young talent to the top.

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  • : Bill Hicks
  • : Lioncrest Publishing
  • : 9781619617940
  • : Engels
  • : Hardcover
  • : 184
  • : oktober 2017
  • : 378
  • : 148 x 225 x 19 mm.
  • : Management: leiderschap en motivatie